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An internationally-acclaimed snow sculptor, I travel the globe spreading the gospel of the “winter arts.” I’ve been  snow sculpting for nearly two decades.  I began in Alaska, and have sculpted at festivals and competitions throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America (yes it snows there too), and Asia.  Although awards are nice, I more value the lasting friendships born of artistic and cultural exchange on the snow sculpting circuit.  Those are worth more than gold, and last far longer than any of our sculptures.

I love sculpting, but I rarely do it solo anymore.  Collaboration is extremely rewarding.  And I cherish my role as a mentor, introducing new sculptors to the medium. In that respect, I’m currently working on three exciting snow-related ventures:

  • Establishing sculpting teams of indigenous peoples to represent their traditional art and culture in snow.
  • Using snow art to engage peoples in conflict within a “peace camp” setting.
  • Creating walls of snow for graffiti artists to explore winter in a new way.

Curious about how snow sculptures are created?

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