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Covid-19 has challenged us all in a variety of ways and to different degrees. It hasn’t been easy. But humor, compassion and community make the days more bearable. Hence I’ve created a new series of graphic designs featuring face mask-wearing fruits and vegetables with quizzical expressions. They are intended to engage people of all ages and backgrounds with an easily understandable and equally important message. I hope they add a smile at a time when they seem scarce.

These designs are now available in the store in the form of three different 5″ x 7″ postcard sets: Fruitful Conversations, Romaine Calm, and Thanks a Bunch! Why not say thank you to someone who helped you through the pandemic or whom you haven’t yet had a chance to contact. Everyone could use a break from video calls and a mailbox full of bills. Postcards are an easy way to deliver a smile from afar. And they make a wonderful gift. Get yours before the pandemic ends!

And now for my own note of thanks. I so appreciate Tess Poe of Beehive Sewing for making the tiny masks I used to initially photograph the produce, which in turn came (as much as possible in season) from local farmers and local shops. These include Grow Food Northampton, Tuesday Market, Easthampton’s Farmer’s Market, Park Hill Orchard, Apex Orchards, Wingate Farm, Old Friends Farm, Red Fire Farm, Mountain View Farm, Crimson & Clover Farm, Cooper’s Corner,  State Street Fruit Store, and River Valley Co-op. Also essential were the contributions of James McDonald at James McDonald Books, Jim Gipe at Pivot Media and the fine folks at Bridgewater National Bindery, all of whom helped spring these images from digital to print.  These images are a reflection of us all; my gratitude.

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